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It's Epiphany again!

…and we brought out our

Epiphany Star!  

GOLD  is for the gold the 3 Wise Men brought to the infant Jesus.  BLUE  is for the water used in Jesus' baptism by John.

GOLD is for the gold the 3 Wise Men brought to the infant Jesus.
BLUE is for the water used in Jesus' baptism by John.


Last year, WOLD commissioned St. Peter's member Joe Almoney to make an Epiphany Star – and what a beautiful star he made!

The Epiphany Star helps us see different aspects of how Jesus makes his "appearance" (his "epiphany" in the Greek N.T.). The 3 Wise followed the Star and found the infant Jesus – and this is why the Star is a symbol for Epiphany.

When Jesus began His ministry, God became "apparent" to the people through Jesus' works of healing and teaching. And so, a different color candle is put on the Epiphany Star every week to show us something of Christ's presence and how God appears to us in Christ. The candle color is based on the Gospel lesson.

Come and join us for worship – see if you can guess what color the candle will be each week!

note: this year, the Epiphany season is the longest it can ever be (its length depends when Easter is)! This is the year to see WOLD's Epiphany Star in its full glory (glory to God in the highest!)!!

Sunday Worship Time
changes in January to 9:30!!

Beginning in January 2019, WOLD Sunday worship will be at 9:30 a.m.

For many years, WOLD worshipped at 9:30 a.m., but decided last Fall to test how 10:00 a.m. worship felt. After 4 months of the trial period, WOLD members decided to return to the "old" schedule of 9:30 a.m. worship.

As in the past, summer worship -- the Sundays between Memorial Day & Labor Day -- will be at 10:00, while worship during the "school year" will be at 9:30. Thanks to all who gave their feedback on the 10:00 trial time!


See the write-up about WOLD receiving ELDA’s “City on a Hill” award on the About page!

The next WOLD “Meal and a Movie” event
is Saturday, Mar. 9th!

Upcoming topics for WOLD’s
“Sunday School”
v-log discussions:

Jan. 6 - “Be Stronger Than Your Excuses by Deaf Fire

Jan. 9 - “Be Proud of our Faith in Jesus” by Father Mike

Jan. 16 - “Keep Your Religion In Your Home, Church, and Head In!”

Jan. 23 - Prove It, God

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Bible Study on Wednesday nights!

“Bible Stories to Know”

in Room 100

What?? – You missed our last Bible study??
here for a recap!

“Bible Stories to Know” looks at the most important stories in the Bible –
the ones that help tell the large story between Genesis and Revelation.
This Bible study helps you know these stories & learn why they are important.

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