"Church Membership 101" is for
New Members, Old Members, and Anyone Interested in being a member of WOLD

A new ASL resource has been created to help people learn about church membership!  Church Membership 101 is a digital book filled with sign language videos.  These topics are covered:

  • What is church membership?

  • What does it mean to be a member?

  • Categories & Kinds of membership

  • What non-members can and cannot do in a congregation

  • About being Lutheran / What Lutherans believe

  • Information about WOLD

Church Membership 101 was developed from a previous Bible study topic at WOLD. Although it was made for use at WOLD, the information in it is helpful for any church!   The book has 45 videos; the total run-time of all videos is 48 minutes.  

To view the book, you need an Apple iOS device or a Mac computer.  A "vlog version" of the book has been made for those who don't have Apple products. Go to the "Become a Member" page to watch these v-logs on WOLD's website.  

The book cover pictured on this page is a clickable link that takes you to the iBooks Store, where you can download a free copy of the book.  The videos in the book DO have voice interpretation.  

New members, old members, and anyone interested in being a member of WOLD should download this book!  

"What We Believe" is a book in ASL!

What We Believe was created with Deaf people in mind – Deaf people who believe in God, who go to church, and who want to learn more about God, faith, and the Bible. There’s no other resource like it!

Anyone who uses ASL will appreciate What We Believe – especially the leaders of Deaf ministries (be they Hearing or Deaf), church interpreters, or anyone who wants to see the beliefs of the Church explained in ASL.

Printed text in this “digital-only” book is displayed, but the full benefit of its instruction comes from watching the embedded ASL videos. 74 videos are spread throughout 80 pages of this digital book. In total, What We Believe contains over 90 minutes of ASL explanation! Each chapter has short videos explaining the text and numerous Bible verses throughout the book. After watching the video, the text on the page is understood more clearly.

In What We Believe, the basic beliefs of the Christian faith are presented clearly in ASL. The book is organized into 5 chapters: 1) Who We Believe, 2) The Virgin Birth, 3) Sin and the Need for Salvation, 4) Salvation: The Answer to Sin, and 5) Sacraments: Essential for Faith & Salvation. A final chapter has summaries of chapters 1-5.

What We Believe was developed from an actual Bible study presented at WOLD. Voice narrations are included.

Go to the iTunes store and download the Sample copy before purchasing.