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WOLD appreciates the “mission partners” that make our ministry a reality!  

In a typical parish, membership draws from the general population. A Deaf congregation like WOLD, however, draws from a tiny segment of the population: a sign language user — meaning: a Deaf or Hard of Hearing person. Statistically, the population numbers that WOLD draws from for membership are not large enough to sustain a continually self-supporting ministry.  

WOLD member contributions, with support from the Synod and the ELCA, power WOLD’s activities of outreach, mission, benevolence, fellowship, and education. Having a pastor that signs fluently in ASL is one of WOLD’s most important assets for ministry.  Even so, WOLD’s mission & outreach remain somewhat under-funded.  If WOLD could, it would do more.  You can help!  

Consider supporting WOLD’s work.  Locally, WOLD teaches the faith and provides opportunities for its members to grow in discipleship and service. WOLD sponsors fellowship events for the wider Deaf community, and WOLD supports DeafCAN!, a social ministry program operated by our neighboring Deaf parish, Christ the King Deaf Lutheran Church.  WOLD strongly supports ELDA, which works both nationally & internationally to promote the Gospel among Deaf people.  The community of WOLD itself is even a resource to the wider Church.  

Because WOLD is a congregation of the ELCA, contributions are tax-deductible.  Of course, financial support is only one way that you can support WOLD — we desire your prayers on our behalf, and we gladly welcome volunteers with our special projects!  Use the form on this page, and let us know how you can help!