Prayer Needs & Concerns

Pray for the ELDA Mission Team while they are in Nigeria!
Mar. 29-Apr. 2, 2018

The Mission Team's return home was delayed by one day, due to a breakdown of equipment at the airport in Abuja, which was caused by the extreme heat!

Read a blog-post of the trip by Mission Team member Jay Johnson!

Mission Team Members


Jay Johnson

Jay (Hearing) is the Mission Team Leader; he is an army vet, and leads the nonprofit Citizens Into Action.  

Jay has experience in the area where the Mission Team is traveling (from putting water wells in the area).  -Lutheran-


Karen & Bob Pugh

Karen (Deaf) works as an SSP for the DeafBlind and teaches ASL.  

Bob (Deaf) is a retired printer.  They live in St. Paul.  -Catholic-


Dorothy Sparks

Dorothy (Deaf) serves as Deacon at Bread of Life Deaf Lutheran Church in Minneapolis.  -Lutheran-


Bill & Beth Lockard

Beth (Deaf) serves as Pastor at Christ the King Deaf Church in West Chester, and as Coordinator for ELCA Deaf ministries.  -Lutheran-

Bill (Hearing) is the Program Director for DeafCAN! services, based in West Chester. -Lutheran-


Pictures & Updates of the Mission Trip...

...can be found on ELDA's Facebook page!

2018 Mission Trip Summary

Members of an ELDA Mission Team will depart from Minneapolis and Philadelphia, and meet in Paris, France.  Together, they will fly to Abuja, the capital of Nigeria.  

Nigeria is six hours ahead of Philadelphia and seven hours ahead of Minneapolis.  After an overnight stay in Abuja, the Mission Team members will board a small plane and fly to Yola in eastern Nigeria.  

The Mission Team will spend a couple days at the Lutheran Church of Christ in Nigeria (LCCN) Deaf School.  The team will attend the LCCN Deaf Church on Palm Sunday.  Then, over the next few days, the team will learn about the area by visiting some schools and ministries and doing some sight-seeing.  

From March 29 to April 2, the Mission Team will attend the regional Deaf Christian Easter Camp and meet with 100 Deaf Nigerians!  On April 3, the Mission Team flies back to Abuja to catch an overnight flight to Paris.  From Paris, team members will catch a flight home, arriving on April 4th.

Prayer Requests & Concerns

  • Pray that the Mission Team members receive all their immunizations without becoming sick

  • Pray that Team members remain healthy and well on the trip, despite the risk of food and water contamination (they will be in a "primitive" area)

  • Pray that no flights are missed or cancelled, and that luggage arrives safely (both going & coming)

  • Pray that all Mission Team members get through Customs smoothly

  • Pray that Mission Team members remain safe & wise in their decision-making

    note: the team is going into a red zone (meaning: *not* recommended by the US government for travel!); the area where the team is traveling is "hostile" – Boko Harem is right across the river and tends to hide in Yola (kidnappings and other crimes against foreigners can and do happen)

  • Pray for good relationships to be made with the Deaf Nigerians, and that the relationships can be maintained and continued overseas after the trip is over.

  • Pray that the team walks in faith and serves the Lord with confidence

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Pastor Ruth Ulea of LCCN Deaf Church

Pastor Ruth Ulea of LCCN Deaf Church

LCCN Deaf Church

LCCN Deaf Church

Background on the Mission Trip

In July 2016, Pastor Ruth Ulea from the Lutheran Church of Christ in Nigeria (LCCN) visited different ELCA Deaf ministry sites across the U.S. The sites visited by Pr. Ruth were all members of ELDA. Pr. Ruth, herself Deaf, was warmly received everywhere she went. Her visit did much to foster warm relations between ELDA and the LCCN Deaf Church & School.   

In November 2017, ELDA received an invitation from Pr. Ruth to come visit the Lutheran Deaf ministry (church and school) in Yola, Nigeria. After much prayer and discernment, six people from across the country accepted Pr. Ruth's invitation. These six people are the Mission Team listed on this page.  

The mission trip formed quickly.  A primary goal of the trip is to satisfy Pastor Ruth's desire that the Mission Team attend the annual regional Easter Camp. Another goal is for the Mission Team to learn how the LCCN ministers and educates in their setting. With this trip, ELDA hopes to continue and foster the warm relations with Pr. Ruth and her ministry sites.  

Because of the focus of this trip, and the real risk to the Mission Team members present in their area of travel, this mission trip will be nowhere near the "typical" American experience. Your prayers are requested – in fact, this "Prayer Page" was specifically requested by Mission Team members and ELDA leaders!